Mount Athos, SV2ASP/A

During the last weeks there has been a lot of discussions (here at DX-World or here at eHam) around Mount Athos as DXCC entity.

Everything started when a group from Latvia announced a DXpedition mid May SV2ASP/A QSL that was cancelled in the last minute because they haven’t permission to operate there.

Mount Athos is a peninsula located in Greece with an autonomous government and populated with around 2000 Orthodox Christian monks. They have their own rules and, among them, visiting Mount Athos is restricted and only for males.

Regarding ham radio, it has a resident operator from 1988, Elder Apollo, SV2ASP/A, that uses to be on the air. He is quite proficient and he answers promtly to QSL enquiries (only direct by mail).

However, any attempt to have a visiting operator or a DXpedition seems to have failed. (See Ham Gallery or Zorro, JH1AJT, visiting Monk Apollo)

Anyway, Mount Athos is not more different than other DXCC entities with a very difficult access and you just need to be patient to contact it.

At least, Mount Athos appears almost every month and you can get the confirmation in a couple of weeks. But not in LoTW, according the LoTW Users List from HB9BZA, Mount Athos is the only DXCC entity missing.

IC-7600 Firmware update

Announced during the Hamvention 2015 at Dayton fair, Icom has released a new firmware update for the IC-7600.

IC-7600 firmware update announcedFull details and download links at the firmware updates page.

In short:

  • Waterfall screens, mouse operation, and other additional functions have been added to the spectrum scope.
  • An APF AF Level setting has been added.
  • CI-V commands for antenna control, logging software and RIT/DELTA-TX have been added.
  • TX Delay (HF/50M) settings have been added to adjust the TX delay time.
  • A Standby setting has been added to remotely turn ON the IC-7600 transceiver by a command from the REMOTE jack.
  • “MOS-FET” is now the default value of “SEND Relay Type.”

Video from Eric, W1JH

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